APC001: Flower Insight Cards (Set of 69)

Flower Insight Cards

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Product Description

The Flower Insight Cards were first developed in 1997 after numerous requests from both practitioners and patients to see the flowers in all their glory! Beautifully photographed and in full colour, each card reflects the vibrancy and potency of each Essence. Whilst also opening up many new ways of healing with the Australian Bush Flower Essences. These cards will also help you to deeply understand the clues nature has given to the healing qualities of each flower by its shape and colour – what ancient healers termed the Doctrine of Signatures.

The Insight Cards are especially useful for people who cannot decide on which Essences to choose – simply shuffle the cards and pick one or several intuitively. Alternatively slowly and deliberately look through the cards and select the 3 photos that you are most attracted to. Invariably you will choose flowers whose healing qualities are extremely pertinent to the major issues that you are going through at that time. Also if there is a card that you have a strong aversion to, pull this out as well. This card will usually be relating to something important in your life that perhaps you are resisting.

They can be incorporated into any traditional Tarot reading or even used with Feng Shui to enhance a quality of a specific area in a building. The Insight Cards can also be used in conjunction with healing by placing a specific card on a relevant part of the patient’s body.

Available in a pack of 69 cards.