Viewed from one angle, it has the appearance of a “fleur-de-lis”. The Essence is for reaching one’s own spiritual truth by cutting through any confusion or misinformation i.e. helping one discern the level of truth in “channeled messages”. When the flower is looked at the opposite way, it resembles a monk in purple robes accentuated […]

Billy Goat Plum

Billy Goat Plum Essence is for feelings of shame, self disgust and self loathing. For those people who feel revolted and dirty about sex and feel unclean afterwards. It can also be for feelings of revulsion about other physical aspects such as acne, eczema, a large nose, etc. This essence is available in the following:Billy […]

Black-eyed Susan

For people who are impatient or always ‘on the go’. These people are continually rushing and their lives are always overflowing with commitments. This Essence enables these people to slow down, to reach that still centre within and find calmness and inner guidance. This essence is available in the following:Black-Eyed Susan, Calm and Clear Essence […]


Bluebell Essence helps open the heart and reconnect to your feelings. Made in the Olgas, one of the main spiritual centres in Australia, this Essence helps to open the heart. It is for those who feel cut off from their feelings. The emotion is there, but is held within. They are subconsciously afraid to express […]


Boab Essence clears negative emotional and mental family patterns that are passed on from generation to generation. Boab can access and clear those core patterns and all the related ensuing beliefs. This Essence is very beneficial in helping those who have had experiences of abuse or prejudice from others. This essence is available in the […]

Bush Iris

Bush Iris Essence helps open people up to their spirituality and to access the doorway to their higher perceptions. It allows the trinity to flow into a person and is an excellent remedy to give someone who has just started meditation or ‘conscious’ spiritual growth. This essence is available in the following: Bush Iris, Meditation […]


For people who are feeling ‘not quite right’ with themselves and are just a little out of balance. An excellent Essence for people not sure of what it is they are feeling. It is great for worry and distress. It is for those who always have something to worry about without having specific fears. This […]

Christmas Bell

Christmas is the time of year associated with the joy of giving and receiving, not only of love, but also from the realm of the material too. Christmas Bell Essence assists one with mastery of the physical plane and with stewardship of ones possessions. It also helps one to manifest their desired outcomes and is […]

Dagger Hakea

Dagger Hakea is for people who feel resentment and bitterness and hold grudges against those with whom they have been very close e.g. family members and old lovers. This resentment is often not openly displayed. This essence is available in the following:Dagger Hakea, Adol Essence Drops, Purifying Essence Drops, Relationship Essence Drops

Dog Rose

Dog Rose is the Essence for treating fears, niggling little fears, not terror. Overcoming fear allows an increase in the flow of the vital force, quality of life, courage and self esteem. It is also for shy, insecure, timid, nervous people. This essence is available in the following:Dog Rose, Confid Essence Drops, Purifying Essence Drops, […]