Sturt Desert Pea

Sturt Desert Pea is the floral emblem of South Australia. It is for deep hurts and sorrows. I have come across at least three Aboriginal legends connecting this flower to grief and sadness. This is one of the most powerful of all the Essences and, like so many of the Bush Essences, it can help […]

She Oak

She Oak is very beneficial in overcoming imbalances in and bringing about a sense of wellbeing in females. It will benefit women who feel distressed about infertility. It removes those personal blocks that prevent conception. It can also be used in conjunction with Flannel Flower which will help remove karmic patterns hindering conception. This essence […]

Paw Paw Tree

Paw Paw Tree is for the assimilation and integration of new ideas and information. Especially where there is a tendency to feel overwhelmed by the quality and quantity of that information. This essence is available in the following:Paw Paw, Calm and Clear Essence Drops, Cognis Essence Drops, Electro Essence Drops, Travel Essence Drops, Carers Essence […]

Dagger Hakea

Dagger Hakea is for people who feel resentment and bitterness and hold grudges against those with whom they have been very close e.g. family members and old lovers. This resentment is often not openly displayed. This essence is available in the following:Dagger Hakea, Adol Essence Drops, Purifying Essence Drops, Relationship Essence Drops

Red Helmet Orchid

Red Helmet Orchid Essence was made up under unique circumstances on Toolrunup Peak, the second highest peak in the Stirling Ranges. It helps a man bond to his child or children and to be aware to allocate quality family time. This essence is available in the following:Red Helmet Orchid, Adol Essence Drops, Men’s Essence Drops, […]

Sturt Desert Rose

Sturt Desert Rose Essence is for guilt. It is also for following your own inner convictions and morality, helping you to follow through with what you know you have to do. It can restore self esteem that has been damaged by past actions you may have felt guilty about. This essence is available in the […]


For people who are feeling ‘not quite right’ with themselves and are just a little out of balance. An excellent Essence for people not sure of what it is they are feeling. It is great for worry and distress. It is for those who always have something to worry about without having specific fears. This […]

Fringed Violet

For treating damage to the aura where there has been shock, grief or distress e.g. from abuse or assault. This remedy maintains psychic protection, especially for those working in psychic areas. This essence is available in the following:Fringed Violet, Electro Essence Drops, Meditation Essence Drops, Sexuality Essence Drops, Travel Essence Drops, Emergency Essence Drops, Boost […]