Viewed from one angle, it has the appearance of a “fleur-de-lis”. The Essence is for reaching one’s own spiritual truth by cutting through any confusion or misinformation i.e. helping one discern the level of truth in “channeled messages”. When the flower is looked at the opposite way, it resembles a monk in purple robes accentuated by the yellow stamens at the third eye. Taking this Essence allows access and retrieval of previously developed gifts from past lives. Angelsword protects from outside influences and entities so one can receive clear information from one’s Higher Self without interference.

This essence is available in the following:
Angelsword, Emergency Essence Mist, Emergency Essence Cream, Emergency Essence Drops, Meditation Essence Drops, Space Clearing Essence Mist (50ml), Space Clearing Essence Mist (100ml)

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