AFD011: Meditation Combination Drops

Meditation Combination Drops

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Product Description

Psychic attack, damaged aura, tense and uptight, psychically drained.

Inner guidance, enhanced intuition, awakened spirituality, accesses higher self, psychic protection, deeper meditation.

This is a wonderful combination to awaken one’s spirituality. It allows one to go deeper into any religious or spiritual practice. It also enhances access to the Higher Self while providing psychic protection and healing of the aura. Highly recommended for anyone starting or already practicing meditation.

This combination is made from: Fringed Violet, Bush Fuchsia, Bush Iris, Angelsword, and Red Lily. Now also includes Green Spider Orchid for its qualities of enhancing telepathic communication, opening up the three higher chakras found above the crown, brining about a greater awareness of and communication with the spirit kingdom, and assisting spiritual teachers to impart their higher wisdom and philosophies on a level other than verbally.