AFD012: Relationship Combination Drops

Relationship Combination Drops

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Product Description

Resentment, confusion, emotional pain and turmoil, blocked emotions, inability to relate.

Expressing feelings, improves communication, forgiveness, breaks family conditioning, renews interest.

Helps enhance the quality of all relationships, especially intimate ones. It clears and releases resentment, blocked emotions, and the confusion, emotional pain and turmoil of a rocky relationship. It helps one verbalize, express feelings, and improve communication. This essence breaks the early family conditioning and patterns that affect us in our current adult relationships. For intimate relationships, a perfect remedy to follow this combination is Sexuality Essence. This combination is made from: Bluebell, Bush Gardenia, Dagger Hakea, Mint Bush, Red Suva Frangipani, Boab, and Flannel Flower. Now also includes Wedding Bush to strengthen commitment.