ADP002: Solar Logos Essence

Solar Logos Essence

Solar Logos Essence

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Product Description

Activates the light of the Soul within us, enabling us to then access the divine on a personal level.

Positive Outcome:

  • Opens our heart and mind allowing the Christ Consciousness to more readily enter.
  • Allows our Soul to connect with the source of all Light.
  • Brings light, love and spiritual power, into our bodies, hearts and minds.
  • Manifests the seed of creation within us.
  • Helps us to understand the nature of the divinity that is within us, allowing us to accept our God nature.
  • Opens our heart to the wisdom that is deep within us.
  • Ignites our heart flame.
  • Integrates the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within us.
  • Helps bring about the dissolution of all the emotional and spiritual pain that has gathered in the bodies, hearts, and minds of the human race.
  • Brings awareness of, as well as the information from, our Akashic records.