AFD004: Creative Combination Drops

Creative Combination Drops

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Product Description

Creative blocks and inhibitions, difficulty expressing feelings

Enhances singing, creative expression, clarity of voice, public speaking

This essence frees your voice and opens your heart. It inspires creative and emotional expression in a gentle and calm way and gives courage and clarity in public speaking and singing. Heartsong contains Bush Fuchsia to connect with our inner voice and work on clarity of speech. We have added Turkey Bush for removing the creative blocks and inspiring creative expression and Red Grevillea, which will work on the jaw. If there are blockages in this area, it is difficult to properly articulate and open your mouth wide which is crucial for singing and toning. Working with the voice and toning can release a lot of emotions, so for this reason we have added Crowea for centering, balancing, and calming. We have added Flannel Flower, a soft, gentle remedy, which also enables us to express feelings and emotions. This remedy helps us to enjoy a sense of the physical body and to express it joyously with song. Creative Essence now also includes Tall Mulla Mulla to enable a person to breathe more deeply, which would be a great benefit not only while speaking and acting, but especially when singing or playing any wind instrument.