Dog Rose

Dog Rose is the Essence for treating fears, niggling little fears, not terror. Overcoming fear allows an increase in the flow of the vital force, quality of life, courage and self esteem. It is also for shy, insecure, timid, nervous people. This essence is available in the following:Dog Rose, Confid Essence Drops, Purifying Essence Drops, […]


Isopogon Essence is for those who live very much in their heads. They are dominated by their intellect and there is often a separation between their heart and head. This Essence, like Tall Yellow Top, connects the heart and the head. It especially benefits those people who control through stubbornness. It also enables the retrieval […]

Wedding Bush

Wedding Bush Essence is for people who have difficulty in committing themselves to relationships, whether they be personal, social or business. This Essence can be taken when people begin a union or partnership. This essence is available in the following:Wedding Bush, Relationship Essence Drops

Mint Bush

Mint Bush Essence is for the spiritual trials and tribulations that one goes through just prior to initiation, when one feels they are being tested, often to their limits. At this time there is usually a great deal of confusion and there can even be a sense of being in a void. This essence is […]

Rough Bluebell

Rough Bluebell Essence is to help people fully express the love vibration innate within them. Rough Bluebell is for people who are very manipulative and for those who are deliberately malicious and use people, either subtly or openly. This essence is available in the following:Rough Bluebell

Dog Rose Of The Wild Forces

This plant is commonly found growing close to the water and, like Dog Rose, it deals with fear. Dog Rose Of The Wild Forces Essence is taken when a person has a fear of losing control, when the emotions they are feeling within themselves or immediately around them are just so intense there is a […]

Red Grevillea

Red Grevillea Essence is for people who feel stuck. It acts as a catalyst for those who know what they want to achieve but do not know how to go about it. It is for people who are too reliant on others. It promotes independence and boldness. This Essence is extremely effective though the changes […]

Flannel Flower

Flannel Flower Essence is for people who are uncomfortable with physical contact and touching. They often have difficulty in maintaining their personal boundaries. It is primarily for males, allowing for a gentleness, softness and sensitivity in touching. This essence is available in the following:Flannel Flower, Adol Essence Drops, Creative Essence Drops, Men’s Essence Drops, Relationship […]

Green Spider Orchid

Green Spider Orchid Essence can assist in working with telepathy, to attune a person to be more receptive to not only other people but also other species and kingdoms. It is for people who are teaching spiritual matters and understandings, helping them to impart that knowledge. This essence is available in the following:Green Spider Orchid, […]

Illawarra Flame Tree

Illawarra Flame Tree Essence is for those who suffer from a great sense of rejection, or who feel ‘left out’. This rejection is deeply felt and is very agonising for the person. The Essence is also for self rejection, or for a person feeling apprehensive about a new experience e.g. parenthood, or where there is […]