The longer I am in clinical practice, the more I can see how mental attitudes and emotional stress contribute towards physical dis-ease. Listening to people’s stories, the language they use with their words and body, paints a clear picture of where we need to go with treatment.

As an herbalist, I always treat with herbal medicines. The same plants have been used by all the major civilizations down through the ages for the simple reason that they work. They have the same healing powers for us in modern times as they did with our stone age ancestors, although the challenges we face now are quite different. Herbs primarily heal on a physical level, but given that many dis-eases commence on an emotional and mental level, wouldn’t it be wonderful if it could be stopped there – without us ever having to get physically sick?

This concept was what first led me to explore flower essences in the early 1990s. Flower essences too, have been used since Stone Age times. Indigenous Australians were observed by the white settlers to soak flowers in water in the sun and drink the water. Across the world many countries including India and South America, have similar traditions. For western civilization, the ancient Egyptians, Hildegarde von Bingham, Paracelsus and Dr Edward Bach, used flower essences for healing.

Flowers are the highest expression of the plant kingdom so contain the most healing potential. I always use flower essences as part of the healing regime for every person who comes to see me, as they help heal the underlying attitudes and emotions on a very deep level. Huge shifts occur for many people when they start taking flower essences.

Australian Bush Flower Essences include flowers to help improve self esteem, parent & child relationships, overwhelm, memory, learning problems, group harmony, guilt, jealousy, obsession, co-dependency, addictions, grief and anger. These are often things we all experience at one time or another. You don’t need to be professionally qualified in anything to know if you need assistance with any of these issues. Imagine if you had access to healing tool that allowed you to move through these difficult emotions faster and with fewer traumas?

The great thing about flower essences is that anyone can choose what they or a loved one needs. They are totally natural, with no effects and are safe for people of all ages. Even many animals have improved on flower essences, strongly suggesting that the improvement is not due to a placebo effect.

Other remedies can assist in developing your spirituality. For example Bush Iris helps open up the third eye and clairvoyance, while Green Spider Orchid enables you to communicate with other realms. Sydney Rose gives us a sense of being at one with God. Angelsword and Fringed Violet protect you energetically. Pink Flannel Flower brings a sense of gratitude and Boab assists with releasing negative family and karmic patterns.

Author: © Linn Wiggins. RN. Dip Herb Med. ATMS.

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