Flower Essences And Animals

Flower Essences work very powerfully on animals whether they be domestic or wild. Over the years we have collected many case histories demonstrating the effectiveness of using flower essences to heal sick, injured or emotionally disturbed animals. The most commonly used essence by far for animals is Emergency Essence which has been used successfully for treating everything from ant bites to physical and emotional trauma and collapse – in both domestic and wild animals.

Methods of selecting for animals vary tremendously. Some people treat the symptoms of the animal exactly as they would treat a human. Some use the owner as surrogate for the animal and muscle test. Some focus on the animal and use a crystal to select either from the bottles or from a list of essences. Some put a hand on the animal and then use the crystal to select.

Since the Flower Insight Cards have been around many pet carers spread the cards on the floor and allow the animal to select that way ­ walking around until they stop at a particular card, or sit on the card, or indicate in some way when they reach the essence they want. We have one case history about a parrot who selected his own essence by pulling it with his beak from a fanned set of Insight Cards! So the possibilities are limited only by your own imagination. But whatever method you use you can be sure that the essences will help the animal in some way.

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