The longer I am in clinical practice, the more I can see how mental attitudes and emotional stress contribute towards physical dis-ease. Listening to people’s stories, the language they use with their words and body, paints a clear picture of where we need to go with treatment. As an herbalist, I always treat with herbal […]

Flower Essences And Animals

Flower Essences work very powerfully on animals whether they be domestic or wild. Over the years we have collected many case histories demonstrating the effectiveness of using flower essences to heal sick, injured or emotionally disturbed animals. The most commonly used essence by far for animals is Emergency Essence which has been used successfully for […]

The Healing Qualities of the Australian Bush

The healing power of plants has been known for thousands of years with our ancestors leaving behind many records of their use of flowers as medicine. From ancient rock paintings in Europe and Australia, to hieroglyphics in the pyramids of ancient Egypt to the texts of the Hippocrates of Greece and Dioscorides of Rome, there […]

Bushflower Essences and Animals

Jackie is a homoeopath, herbalist, Reiki Master and psychic communicator living and working in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney. She is well known for her compassionate and effective treatment of animals using a holistic approach. She has used the Bush Flower Essences extensively in her practise and has had some wonderful results. To continue […]

History of Flower Essences

Flower Essences work on the mind, body and spirit and are obtained by extracting the healing vibrational quality from the highest evolved part of the plant – the flowers. Flower Essences work on an emotional level, harmonising negative feelings and belief patterns held in the subconscious mind. By changing our thoughts and beliefs we can relieve […]